The Yukon's, like, totally way-cool software developer.


The name yukon dude software was chosen by lottery. History failed to record the name of the winner or what it was they were promised to receive as reward, but then didn't.

The dude is, in reality, Dave Rogers, wealthy young man about town.

Unlike his namesakes—Keanu, Spicoli, Kato, Lebowski, Harris—this dude is a software developer by trade and so only surfs the gnarly breaks of HTTP.

Prior to coming to the Yukon over a decade ago, the dude toiled behind the curtains on Bay Street, pulling levers and spinning dials. The dude now spends a good deal of time teaching at Yukon College and also sits on the board of the Yukon Information Technology and Industry Society.

The dude specializes in developing software for small to medium projects. Mac, Windows, or Linux: take your pick. From web applications, to relational databases, to embedded systems and smartphone apps, the chances are good that the dude either knows the technology or will cram it into his noggin over the weekend.

What the dude doesn't do, as should be plainly evident from this page, is any sort of artistic web or graphic design. The dude also doesn't host web sites. The dude is not interested in your plan to corner the on-line gambling scene.

But for the things the dude doesn't do, he knows the people who do (except for gambling) and will gladly arrange for the necessary introductions.

In short, if you need a computer to do something that it doesn't, bring on the dude.


Operators are standing by.


The following are a smattering of both recent and ancient dude projects—some for clients, some for the dude, and some just because.


Learn: The dude revels in the onslaught of technological change.

Create: The dude's software is efficient, sturdy, elegant, and appeals to all five senses.

Support: "Software doesn't rust," as the saying goes, so neither do the dude's maintenance efforts.

Yukon: It's all done north of 60°, east of 141°, and west of the Selwyns.


The dude does not normally speak of himself in the third person.